Appointments can be made by either calling the practice or sending us an email. 

New patients will need to submit a “new patient form”. This can be done before your scheduled appointment or sent to us before your consultation (preferred). 

We will accommodate urgent referrals as best as possible. 

It is best to bring along all medical information, this includes (depending in availability) your  

  • Medical aid details 
  • All medical imaging 
  • All blood tests 
  • Chronic and/ or regular medication
  • Up-to-date referral from your referring health care worker 

It is advisable to wear appropriate clothing to allow adequate examination of the required region of the body. Eg. Loose fitting trousers or shorts for knee complaints. 


Understanding your orthopaedic bills and insurance costs is important.  

Consultation fees are payable directly after consultation.  

Patients on medical aid can claim back fees from their respective funds with the information that will be supplied by the practice. 

 If you have questions or need assistance call our office 021 861 6570 or submit a question online. We’re here to help.